Amy Rose as seen in episode "Wrestlemania"

Amy appears in episode "Wrestlemania". Amy jammed a beer up sonic's ass and she is once again after Sonic, so when the other girls of Sonic's life have all come together, they decide to duke it out in a wrestling match. Amy won the match by destroying "the Skanky One-Nighters". She is then stood up by Sonic afterward, again where he claims he is gay to get away. Amy is proceeded to be hit with a chair by Sinequa. She is later seen again in "The Red Carpet" when she was disgraced to see Sonic react negatively about his relationahip with Amy in the movie, while Sonic runs into the boiler room suspicously to take a piss in the boiler, which is revealed to be part of his plan to assasinate Tails.

She also appears in "Streets of Rage" where it seems like she now lives with Sonic in the alternate reality as his personal assistant.