Knuckles the Echidna is a character who has so far appeared in 9 episodes of Sonic For Hire. He is the former owner of the Burger Time fast food restaurant, which he says is the fourth largest burger franchise south of the Green Hill Zone. He has since working at the restaurant Tre Douche as a waiter due to Sonic burning Burger Time to the ground.

Sonic for Hire

He first appears in Sonic For Hire: Burger Time where he hired Sonic to make four burgers for Dr. Eggman(who he still has a hatred for) but Sonic got aggressive against Eggman and was shortly fired by Knuckles . He makes a cameo in the season 3 finale where Sonic and Tails eat his burgers without paying and he gets mad at them. He also appears in the premiere episode of season 4 where Sonic again applies for the job. Knuckles decides to give Sonic a second chance at the drive-thru window, but after Tails rubbed his new success in Sonic's face, Sonic burned down Burger Time with a crack pipe and stole Knuckles' moped.

His next appearance was Sonic For Hire: Two Bad Characters where he now works at Tre Douche as a waiter having to serve jerks like Sonic all day. When Sonic, Tails, and Kirby are talking about their movie, Knuckles mistakenly believes he is in the movie, but after recieving awkward stares from everyone, he concludes that he's not in the movie. It's possible that Knuckles will try to kill Sonic for his revenge. Oddly, he always says his catchphrase, "Fryin n buyin!", much to Sonic's annoyance.

He resently made an apperence in the season 6 episode SonicKnuckles, as his past self. When Sonic questions if he is in the 90's Knuckles replies by telling him that he is and everything is so extreme. He tells Sonic that they should throw themselvs into Eggman's machine engine and has more phrases like "Throwin and Blowin" and also "Folowin and swalowin." Sonic is annoyed by this and leaves while telling Knuckles about his future at Burger Time. Knuckles also makes a speaking cameo in "Eggman" where Dr. Eggman steals the Epoch and goes back a few seconds before Knuckles and Sonic throw themselves into the machine engine.

In Thunderhead sonic went back in time to fix what eggman done and knuckles was indirectly killed by sonic because his head exploded due to Sonic saying "Don't go there Beyotch" in which Knuckles was supposed to say it and got confused. He was alive when sonic the the gang were fixing time. Knuckles went with them but ended up with doubles of them selves.


Knuckles is an echidna with red fur and a peach skin. On his red fur he also has a white stripe. His hair is long and falls down in several spikes. He has violet eyes. Knuckles wears white gloves with pointed knuckles, yellow and red shoes with green cuffs and a gray buckle.