Shredder is a character from the Sonic for Hire, the main antagonist of the "Casino Zone" story arc, and one of the antagonists of Season 3 (along with Darth Vader and Tails). He was the owner of Casino Zone when Eggman had to sell it. When he learned of Sonic's plan to rob Casino zone, He kidnapped Sonic, and tied him to a chair. His plant for Sonic was to make him star in an ice show He created called Sonic on ice. He was shocked to see Sonic was in on the idea, though he had to look at the script. Sonic on Ice was a big hit, and Sonic was enjoying being actor, but Tails convinced him to come back. The guard told Tails that Shredder, for some reason, never locks the safe, thus it was an easy robbery. After Sonic and co. robb shredder, he comes out distraught, but unlike any villain, he doesn't attempt to kill Sonic. Instead he reaviles the plans he had for them, Broadway, mechendice, and even a feature film, and he begged Sonic not to leave, considering he made a deal with Bret Ratner. After he breaks down crying, Shredder commits suicide by stabbing himself to death with his sword in Casino Zone part 3. It's unknown who runs Casino zone now that Shredder's dead, let alone who restarted Sonic on Ice.